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Our Conservation Focus


Typically, when asked about conservation, thoughts often go to the Amazon Rainforest, Great Barrier Reef, or African Serengeti. Too often we fail to recognize the conservation obstacles in our immediate surroundings, and don't spend much time thinking about it when a new development moves in or when land use changes.

We feel that the best way to accomplish our conservation goals is to focus on the area of greatest conservation need in our surrounding landscape - the lost grasslands of the southeastern United States. Once the dominant habitat type on the landscape prior to European settlement, southeastern grasslands have declined to less than 10% of their original coverage. To protect this dwindling habitat, the native plant communities must be restored.

The human landscape is the perfect candidate for grassland restoration - they are often full sun, are easily disturbed, and can be used to propagate native grassland species. What's more is that many of our favorite wildflowers, and the most beneficial plants for pollinators, are found in grassland habitats. 

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2020_CommonBuckeye_Junonia_coenia (1 of
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