Backyard Wildlife Habitats was founded in the summer of 2020, with the goal of bringing conservation projects to one of the last places people think about as natural habitat - their own property. For too long the conservation paradigm has been that government agencies and large non-profits are responsible for protecting our natural communities, but research and recent trends among the gardening community have shown that creating small pockets of habitat on private land can have a tremendous positive impact on native biodiversity. These pockets of habitat can act as islands in an ever-expanding sea of human development, and a critical safe haven for native plant and animal species. 

The best way to create these islands of habitats is simple: re-establish native plant communities. Simply by including native plants  on our landscapes, rather than monocultures of non-native - and sometimes invasive - plant species, we are able to provide critically important ecosystem services. Backyard Wildlife Habitats was created to help do just that - assist landowners with bringing in native plants to utilize on the human landscape to conserve their own pocket of biodiversity.

We offer both consultations - for the gardener who simply wants a little bit of guidance in their own projects - and implementation, in which we perform a site evaluation, develop schematics, create a "plant plan" in accordance with landowner goals and site characteristics, and full project installations.

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